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Interview with Instinct Customer Support Expert Polaris Nevares

Interview with Instinct Customer Support Expert Polaris Nevares

Welcome back to the Pick the Brain interview series! In these interviews, we talk with some of the (many) incredible people who make Instinct possible—from our talented team members to the passionate professionals using Instinct software in their hospitals.

Here at Instinct, we’re serious about customer support. We firmly believe software companies are only as good as their customer support teams. Even the most intuitive tools need a responsive, knowledgeable team to help you find your way around, solve problems, and customize the tools to their unique needs.

And who better to help you solve those challenges than a team staffed by veterinary professionals? This week, we’re spotlighting Polaris Nevares, a certified veterinary technician and one of our amazing customer support experts.

We sat down with Polaris to ask about her path through veterinary medicine and how it led her to Instinct. Have a read!

Tell us a little bit about your veterinary and professional background.

I got my first job walking dogs at an animal clinic when I was 16, and after many years of on-the-job training, I was able to sit for my boards and become a certified veterinary technician. I spent the majority of my career in specialty (dentistry) and emergency medicine, working my way up the ladder to eventually managing my own ER.

Where do you live?

Currently, I’m traveling the country in my RV.

Where would you live if you could relocate to anywhere in the world?

La Paz, Mexico

What was your dream job as a child?

Veterinarian or zoologist

How did you first learn about and connect with Instinct?

One of my old coworkers posted an opening at Instinct on her social media, so I checked out the website! I've been at Instinct for 2 years now.

What is your favorite feature currently live in Instinct Treatment Plan or EMR?

EMR’s Charts feature! I’ve seen some really amazing and unique charts built by our Instinct hospitals.

What is the future Instinct feature that you're most excited about?

I would really love to see a patient photo displayed in the chart!

What is your favorite Instinct swag?

My Instinct socks 🧦

What is your favorite veterinary software or app (other than Instinct)?

I worked at a VCA for 8 years, so I have a soft spot for Woofware.

How about non-veterinary software or app?

I can spend hours watching videos on TikTok.

What is one book/TV show/movie/album from the last year that we should check out?

Los Espookys is a hilarious Spanish-language comedy on HBO.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’ve recently got back into reading (Colleen Hoover) and playing video games on my Switch.

Where can we find you online?

Find me on LinkedIn!

What is your favorite animal?

Cats 🐈

What is the coolest animal you've ever interacted with personally?

When I worked for the veterinary dentist, we’d occasionally get to go to the Phoenix Zoo, so I had the opportunity to do dental x-rays on a baboon!

Tell us about your pets!

Saltino is my fluffy orange cat, who’s 2 years old and completely spoiled, and Littlefoot is a 12-year-old terrier mix.

If money was no object, what would you do with your time?

I would spend a year in a different place, exploring and absorbing as much as I could.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about veterinary medicine, what would it be?

Universal healthcare for pets, so no one would ever have to worry about getting medical care for their pet when they’re sick.

How would your parents describe what you do for a living?

“You visit clinics to pet kitties and puppies in exchange for food from Panera.” –My mom 😆

If you could go back and give your 18-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

I love this question. I would tell her that when something doesn’t bring her happiness anymore, it’s time to leave. I spent a lot of years serving others at the expense of my well-being.

What is a common myth about your job or field of expertise?

“All you care about is money” is a common comment I see and hear regularly. Veterinary technicians are severely underpaid for the work they do, and the majority of veterinarians I know would do anything they could to help the animals in their care.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow along for more installments of our interview series in the coming months.

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