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6 Gift Ideas for the Veterinarians On Your List

6 Gift Ideas for the Veterinarians On Your List

It’s no surprise that gifts are on our minds this week. We polled our team of veterinarians and technicians for some of the most memorable gifts they’ve received over the last few years. For those doing some last-minute holiday shopping, here are a few of our team’s favorite gifts and everyday treats for the veterinary staff on your list that go beyond your standard on-the-job supplies.

(And no, other than your gratitude, we get no compensation for any of these recommendations.)

1. Barkbox Subscription

It may not come as the biggest surprise, but veterinarians want to spoil their own pets at home too. 🐕 Barkbox is a gift that keeps on giving all year. Veterinarians spend their days showing love and care to everyone else’s pets, so why not make it easy for them to do the same for theirs?

2. Fanny Pack

Picture a tool belt, but make it fashion. Multi-compartment medical fanny packs are essential for vet techs and other veterinary staff being pulled in a dozen different directions on a given day. Stylish and organizational fanny packs enable caretakers to carry everything they need for easy access at a moment's notice. Some sellers on Etsy even offer personalization.

3. Monogrammed Gifts

Who can say no to a personalized gift? These are some of our veterinary team members’ all-time favorites. For vets and technicians in colder climates, a personalized beanie brings a ton of warmth and joy wrapped into one easy-to-deliver present. Other great ideas we’ve heard include a personalized blanket for the office or at home and stethoscope tags to help your veterinary staff keep track of their belongings.

4. Wine Box

This is the ultimate luxury gift for anyone who enjoys wine. For a taste of holiday cheer, grab a wine version of an advent calendar or a subscription box from a wine club like Bright Cellars. We especially love Chateau La Paws, a California-based wine brand that supports no-kill shelters, donating a portion of sales to North Shore Animal League America.

5. Gift Baskets

If you're looking for something that can be shared with everyone on the veterinary team, turn your attention to gift baskets. There are many styles, from snacks and sweets to self-care and gourmet goods. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with delicious treats that veterinary staff can share with their team (or take home for their family). If you’re feeling crafty, putting one together yourself adds a thoughtful, personalized touch.

6. Donations to a Local Animal Rescue or Sanctuary

As you know, those in the industry have tremendous love for the animals of the world. Although they put incredible effort into caring for and healing them, they only have so many hours in a day. Offering donations to other facilities that provide care and support to the animals who haven’t found their forever home yet is a heartfelt gift for veterinarians and technicians. You can even call your local animal hospital to see if they are affiliated with any rescues or sanctuaries in the area.

We hope these tips help you find the perfect gift for every veterinary staff member on your list. Happy holidays from Team Instinct! 🎁