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Customer Love: Where to Find Instinct’s Customer Resources

Customer Love: Where to Find Instinct’s Customer Resources

Instinct’s software is known for caring for the caretakers of the world's leading veterinary hospitals, but our software isn’t the only part of Instinct that shines! Our unparalleled support gives new and existing users access to 24/7 on-demand assistance, a plethora of learning resources, and team-focused training before, during, and after going live with Instinct.

Let’s unpack Instinct’s treasure trove of support and training resources, from onboarding to mastery. 

Support from Anywhere

Instinct Careville 

Accessible through the Help icon or via direct link, Instinct Careville is our learning hub!

This is the best place to learn about new and existing features, and workflows catered to your role or team. Careville can bring your whole organization up to speed on Instinct with step-by-step written guides and engaging training videos. 

Within Careville, you can access Instinct’s release updates, onboarding guides, training quizzes and in-depth user guides for Treatment Plan and Instinct EMR. 

Instinct Email Support

Our Care Specialists monitor the Instinct support email (, so you can expect same-day responses to questions or issues. 

Pick the Brain Blog 

Instinct’s blog is written by our very own Instinctuals at every level, and covers a spectrum of topics from industry trends to Instinct features, and even team-oriented workflow recommendations. We also post our articles on LinkedIn (follow us here!)

In-app Resources

First Time Log-in Tour

Users logging in for the first time can get a convenient guided tour of Instinct, refreshing the basics they may have learned in training. This tour reviews key Instinct features that are vital to every team member’s daily workflow.

Support Chat

For when you have an urgent question that can’t be answered with Careville, our chat is the best and fastest way to get in touch with our team! Via our in-app chat, you can connect directly with our experienced care specialists who are not only Instinct pros, but have also worked in every position across the veterinary industry.

Our team’s average response time is less than 2 minutes, and they are accessible nights, weekends, AND holidays - to ensure we’re caring for all shifts. 

Helpdesk Tickets

Accessible throughout our in-app chat, Instinct Helpdesk allows users to submit a ticket for product setup assistance, get integration help, or request an enhancement for our product team to consider.

Users can easily monitor the status of their ticket, receiving a notification when a product or integration ticket has been completed.

Helpdesk News

Our easy-to-access bulletins notify users with relevant news, ranging from major Instinct announcements, to detailed feature updates to help our customers stay in-the-know about our most recent advancements.

Our Help Search organizes commonly accessed topics and offers keyword search, so you can quickly find answers to your frequently asked questions and review popular help desk topics.

Comprehensive Team Training

Go-live Pre-training

In preparation of going live at new customer locations, our expert training team tailors pre-training sessions to fit your hospital's size, different roles, and departments. Whether it's for the whole hospital or specific teams, we customize the training to match your unique Instinct setup, hospital operations, and the features you use the most.

Led by seasoned pros in both Instinct's platform and veterinary practices, these sessions provide a chance to chat about and fine-tune your hospital's workflows with Instinct in mind.

Meet the Instinct Superuser

Go-live Support and Training

In the initial days of adopting Instinct, we provide dedicated virtual or on-site support, tailored to your hospital's specific requirements. A knowledgeable team member will be on hand to guide your staff through the transition, assisting with real-time decisions and adjustments as you integrate new workflows.

Whether it's virtually or in person, your go-live support specialist is prepared to offer personalized assistance to any team member in need, ensuring a smooth transition. Additionally, they will empower your superusers, equipping them with the expertise needed to become resident Instinct specialists within your hospital.

How We Onboard New Veterinary Hospitals On-site

Training after Go-live

We know that adapting to new software often necessitates a fresh evaluation of existing processes and protocols, and our team offers continued support beyond the initial launch. Our training team is at your disposal to arrange customized post-go-live training sessions for your hospital staff, providing insights into best practices as your workflows and hospital operations evolve. We also host monthly customer webinars to delve into our product features, ensuring you fully leverage the capabilities of our platform.

Have a question we haven't answered? Reach out to our team at 🧡