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How the Instinct Team Onboards New Veterinary Hospitals On-Site

How the Instinct Team Onboards New Veterinary Hospitals On-Site

More than two years have passed since the pandemic first changed how the world interacted. Many businesses, including Instinct, had to change policies and procedures to keep their clients and staff safe. At the beginning of 2021, our team changed how we onboard new hospitals and began offering an entirely virtual go-live (our name for the software onboarding process).

As the world reopens, we are thrilled to bring back our on-site go-live process and get back to traveling to your cities, meeting your staff, and supporting your hospital in person during your first few days of using Instinct.

Whether you’ll be using Instinct Treatment Plan (ITP) or Instinct EMR (Electronic Medical Record), consider this your how-to guide for the on-site go-live. Read on to get a look behind the scenes and find out what steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition.

☎️ Kick-Off Call

Our team starts by scheduling a kick-off call with hospital leaders to discuss your practice information and staff organization.

We also go over what you can expect in terms of implementation (working with your product data), and we schedule due dates to ensure the project stays on track.

We can then use this information to help identify challenges and determine the best approach for training your staff.

🌟 Steps for Success

Assign an Instinct Superuser (also known as an Instinct Champion) to help lead the transition and ensure you meet all milestones and confirm workflows before training starts.

👩‍💻 Pre-Trainings via Zoom

Each go-live has at least one dedicated Instinct support trainer who typically hosts training sessions on Zoom. These training sessions can be scheduled based on your team’s availability and structure.

We cover the ins and outs of the software, walk your team through each module within the program, and discuss best practices we’ve learned over the years. And, of course, we answer all of your team’s questions along the way.

For hospitals using Instinct Treatment Plan, we recommend scheduling a few sessions for different days and times to allow everyone on the team a chance to attend. Scheduling these training sessions ahead of time and informing your team as early as possible is a great way to ensure high attendance.

Pro-Tip: Create flyers to hang up around the hospital with the available training times and the date you’re expecting to go live with Instinct. It helps drum up excitement and get the whole team involved in the transition.

For hospitals using Instinct EMR (Electronic Medical Record), we may separate the training into sections, with some geared specifically towards your front-of-house staff, support staff, and leadership.

Whether you’ll be using ITP or EMR, the training schedule is fully customizable to what works best for your team.

We also record all training sessions, which means anyone who could not attend still gets a chance to learn. Plus, these recordings are an excellent resource for new hires or anyone who would like to review the material ahead of the go-live.

🌟 Steps for Success

Schedule training sessions to allow all staff to attend (even make it required!). Most importantly, be sure to fine-tune your staff’s workflow within the program ahead of time so you can demonstrate the workflow during training.

🎨 Customize Instinct Before Go-Live Date

We recommend providing the necessary data in advance, so your team can customize Instinct to best fit your hospital’s workflow. Once our team has the data needed, we can start work on getting Instinct up and running at your hospital before your go-live date.

Customizing Instinct ahead of time allows your administrators and hospital leadership to begin adding in features, like chart and appointment templates for Instinct EMR users.

🌟 Steps for Success

Having these features added and ready to use before the go-live date is one of the secret ingredients of a smooth transition.

🧠 Get Comfortable with Careville

We designed our Careville help desk to be an online manual for all the ins and outs of Instinct. With this site, you and your team can quickly find helpful user guides, articles on performing specific actions within Instinct, and training demo videos. Careville is an excellent resource when training new employees or reviewing any procedures within Instinct.

🌟 Steps for Success

Share Careville with your team before going live and encourage (or require) users to watch training videos and read user guides to help ensure a successful transition.

🎉 On-Site Go-Live

We will reach out and discuss the schedule for our team to be on-site during the first two days of your go-live. For 24-hour hospitals, our team is also able to facilitate evening support.

On the first day, we often spend time with the front-end staff, going over the check-in and check-out process and helping with any questions that come up. We recommend designating a time and a member of your team to review your workflows, including triage, creating treatment sheets, laboratory integrations, label printing, charge capture, and more.

Administrators and superusers should be available to the staff and the Instinct support team during the first two days of go-live.

🌟 Steps for Success

A light workload during go-live allows your team to better understand any new protocols/workflows while maintaining high-quality patient care. The entire hospital must also adopt these workflows to be successful, so staying positive and pushing through the change goes a long way!

💬 24/7 Chat

Customer support was a top priority for us when we created Instinct. For any questions or concerns that may come up during or following go-live, our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While on-site, questions may arise while your Instinct support team member is busy helping another staff member. If this happens, send your questions via our 24/7 chat feature. You’ll immediately be connected to a member of our team.

Following go-live, our fantastic support team is always available to help. Just send any questions to our team within your application—peppered with gifs and emoji if you wish (these always make our day).

🌟 Steps for Success

Don’t be shy! Our support chat is available 24/7/365 to support you. Reach out with any questions.

✔️ Periodic Post-Go-Live Check-Ins

Once your team has completed the go-live—and our team member has returned home—we are still available to resolve any questions or concerns as they occur. You can connect with us via our 24/7 chat or through email. Plus, we can always schedule additional virtual training sessions if needed. We will also check in with your team during the first few months to ensure that everything is going well.

Instinct is continuously growing and changing, all with the help of our users. If ever you feel there is something Instinct is missing or a feature that you would like to see improved, share it with our team! Users like you have helped mold Instinct into what it is today, so never shy away from giving us feedback.

Like what you see and want to learn more about how Instinct’s software can streamline your workflows? Request a demo.