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Announcing: Effortless Inventory Management, Powered by Instinct EMR

Announcing: Effortless Inventory Management, Powered by Instinct EMR

We've been listening, and we know: inventory management is a pain point for so many of us in the veterinary field. 

That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of Stockroom, our new inventory management solution powered by Instinct EMR! 

Inventory and inventory management are among the highest costs for veterinary practices, second only to staffing. This represents a huge impact on the financial health of veterinary practices, with an estimated 25-35% of inventory-related expenses dedicated to its management–including time spent placing orders, receiving inventory, and counting stock, as well as addressing discrepancies.

We built Stockroom to return hours spent managing inventory back to veterinary teams by enabling real-time inventory tracking, seamless list management, and automatic syncing to EMR and treatment sheets. For EMR users, this means that inventory updates are automatically reflected during treatments, relieving staff from manual entry and minimizing errors.

Instinct strives to help our customers provide best-in-class patient care while staying profitable and sustainable. Stockroom is one vital way we’re supporting our customers from a bottom-line business perspective, helping you streamline operations, reduce errors, and drive success. 

Here’s a Snapshot of What You Can do in Stockroom

Effortless Inventory Tracking: Stay on top of your inventory levels with real-time tracking and location management. Make informed decisions based on current stock levels and usage trends.

Automated Management: With a 2-way connection to Instinct EMR, your inventory automatically updates based on treatments completed, and all updates to quantity and pricing are reflected across EMR.  It's like having a real-time inventory assistant working behind the scenes, so you can spend less time on inventory tasks and more on patient care.

Streamlined Purchase Orders: Quickly create and manage purchase orders for all your veterinary supplies, from medications to consumables. With the built-in Want List, you can keep track of items to be purchased and create a PO with just a couple of clicks.

White Goods Bundling: Keep accurate counts on everything in your inventory – even non-billable products. Create product bundles to automatically deplete the white goods used when administering a particular treatment.

Accurate Cycle Counts: Keep your inventory counts precise and up-to-date. Our system helps you accurately track what's on your shelves and quantify cost of goods (COGS), reducing discrepancies and overstock.

Seamless Receiving Process: Easily log received items into your inventory. Our solution takes the manual calculation out of updating stock levels when new orders arrive with automatic conversion from buying unit to selling unit.

Reporting with Confidence: Stockroom’s dashboard shows a snapshot of your inventory status, the quantities and values of goods, your vendors, and product history, to help you identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions about purchasing and stocking.

Stockroom is more than just an inventory management tool– it's an investment in your practice's success. By streamlining your inventory processes, you can:

  • Lift the weight of inventory admin, and free up valuable time 
  • Minimize waste and overstocking to save costs
  • Streamline your entire operation, making every aspect of your practice run smoother
  • Harness the power of data for smarter, sharper decision-making

Looking to the future, we see Stockroom as an integral component of practice management – one that not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes significantly to the bottom line. We're excited for our customers to experience the impact of Stockroom as we continue to evolve and expand its capabilities.

Ready for Stockroom in your Hospital?

If you aren’t yet an Instinct customer, you can book a tour of the platform here.

If you are a customer, you can request Stockroom access today via our form. Our team will be in touch within the next week with your login credentials and best practice training.