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Best Veterinary Podcasts: 24 Podcasts Instinct is Listening to in 2024

Best Veterinary Podcasts: 24 Podcasts Instinct is Listening to in 2024

As we're doing some Spring cleaning this season, we asked the team at Instinct for the veterinary podcasts they're listening to lately in 2024.

These cover a wide range of topics - from the latest industry news and research to practical advice for navigating the unique challenges of veterinary work.

From thought-provoking discussions on the profession's biggest issues to tips for improving your clinical skills and work-life balance, these hand-picked selections have something for everyone in the veterinary community. We hope you'll find a few new favorites to add to your listening queue!

For convenience, we're linking to a primary website where you can listen to each podcast, but you can find most of these on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, PodBean, and more.

#1 Uncharted Veterinary

A podcast dedicated to helping the veterinary community level up their communication, efficiency, management, and marketing skills so you can get more success and enjoyment from your career. Topics include how to manage workplace conflict, take exceptional care of pets and people, convince pet owners to follow your advice, have difficult money conversations, and survive toxic co-workers.

Listen on: Apple podcasts

#2 Clinician's Brief

Host Alyssa Watson, DVM, talks with industry experts and the authors of your favorite Clinician's Brief articles to guide listeners through clinical scenarios and navigate professional challenges. Join Alyssa and key Clinician's Brief veterinarians for real talk about issues facing practitioners within and outside of the clinic.

Listen on: Clinician's Brief

#3 The Bird Bath

A weekly news podcast by Antelligence and The Fountain Report. Host Ryan Leech highlights the latest news and trends in the evolving world of pet health.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

#4 Veterinary Innovation Podcast

Veterinary technology entrepreneurs Shawn Wilkie and Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov chat with industry leaders and innovators about the biggest challenges they’re facing, and how they’re overcoming them. With topics ranging from cannabis use to industry burnout, you won’t learn this in vet school.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

#5 The Vet Vault

Dr. Hubert Hiemstra explores the art of building a fulfilling veterinary career and finding your ‘vet mojo’ with topics like veterinary practice management, mentoring to navigate your veterinary journey, and staying up to date with the latest advancements in veterinary medicine.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

#6 My Veterinary Life

Hosted by Drs. Marci Kirk and Annie Chavent, guests on this podcast by the AVMA share their personal and professional journeys, bringing listeners an inside look at the realities of life in the veterinary field.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

#7 Vet Tech Cafe

A podcast centered around veterinary technicians and veterinary nurses! A place to listen and get insight on current issues happening in our field, advice on how to navigate difficult situations, and ideas about where vet tech careers could go next.

Listen on: Vet Tech Cafe

#8 Veterinary Viewfinder

Each week, Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, MPA, RVT tackle "the toughest topics in veterinary medicine", highlighting controversial issues and trending news, introducing veterinary key opinion leaders and provocateurs, and offering solutions to the myriad challenges facing the veterinary profession.

Listen on: Dr. Ernie Ward's website

#9 VetGirl

A podcast designed for veterinary professionals who want efficient, high-quality continuing education, covering clinical veterinary medicine with style, passion, and efficiency.

Listen on: Spotify

#10 Vet Life Reimagined

Provides guidance and inspiration for veterinary professionals looking to create more balanced, fulfilling careers. Vet Life Reimagined explores the diverse career paths available to vets and vet techs, featuring conversations with professionals who have followed their passions to thrive in the field.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

#11 Vet Candy IRL

Vet Candy IRL is an exciting new podcast featuring conversations with inspiring veterinary professionals. Hosted by three veterinary students - Shannon Gregoire, Tatiana Rogers, and Lexi Rodriguez - the podcast celebrates role models who have broken boundaries and disrupted the field of veterinary medicine.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

#12 Blunt Dissection

Where some of the best minds in veterinary medicine, business, academia, not-for-profit, politics and beyond are interviewed by host Dr Dave Nicol, so you can learn the habits, routines, thought processes and more that makes these individuals so good at what they do.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

#13 Cone of Shame

Hosted by veterinarian Dr. Andy Roark, this podcast tackles the pertinent pet issues of the day and addresses listener emails with dashes of humor.

Listen on: Dr. Andy Roark's website

#14 Internal Medicine For Vet Techs

Veterinary technician specialists Yvonne Brandenburg, RVT, VTS (IM-SA) and Jordan Porter, RVT, VTS (IM-SA), provide veterinary professionals passionate about internal medicine with insights on interesting diseases, client communication, and professional development, making it ideal for those new to the field, studying for boards, or self-proclaimed "IMaNerds."

Listen on: Spotify

#15 The Vet Blast

Produced by DVM360 and Dr. Adam Christman, The Vet Blast delivers quick, actionable tips, advice, and laughs to help veterinary professionals improve their skills and thrive.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

#16 Purr Podcast

An awesome podcast for veterinary healthcare providers about all things feline. Author Dr. Susan Little and surgeon Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn discuss medical and surgical issues of cats, highlighting simple and practical solutions.

Listen on: Spotify

#17 The Accidental Entrepreneurs

Two veterinarians, Ira Gordon and Stacee Santi, accidentally stumbled upon opportunities to help their colleagues using technology, building million-dollar companies from scratch despite having no prior experience. Now they’re sharing the hard-earned lessons they wish they had known when first starting their unexpected ventures.

Listen on their website

#18 This Podcast Will Kill You

Hosts Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke, both disease ecologists and epidemiologists, dive deep into the biology, history, and epidemiology of chronic illnesses, infectious diseases, and other medical mysteries - from plague and Zika to lupus and endometriosis. Each episode also features a creative "quarantini" cocktail recipe and non-alcoholic "placeborita" to complement the heavy subject matter.

Listen on their website

#19 Courageous Conversations

Hosted by veterinarians Peter Weinstein and Phil Zeltzman, this podcast explores difficult topics in the veterinary profession and aims to have open, honest dialogues.

Listen on: Peter and Phil's website

#20 VetHealth

Dr. Shawna Garner explores how vet professionals can care for their teams and communities, maintain client trust while setting boundaries, and leverage new technologies like AI and telemedicine to enhance their clinics.

Listen on: Spotify

#21 The Derm Vet Podcast

Dr. Ashley Bourgeois, DVM, Dip ACVD shares practical tips on dermatologic workups that can be brought to clinical practice right away, as well as stories about navigating the messy (yet beautiful) journey of being a vet mom while building a career you love.

Listen on: Spotify

#22 The Greatest Profession Podcast

The Greatest Profession is an interview-based podcast exploring of the human side of veterinary medicine. In each episode, host Matt Asciutto sits down with a different veterinary professional to delve into what motivates people to enter this field, how they are coping with its challenges, their visions for the future, and more.

Listen on their website

#23 VetFolio Voice

Weekly insights, industry news and useful information on topics that span the veterinary spectrum — from the latest medical breakthroughs to practice management tips. Powered by the NAVC.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

#24 The Joyful DVM

For veterinary professionals looking to up-level their lives or careers, or maybe looking to go in an entirely new direction, Joyful DVM focuses conversations on creating balance for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts

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