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5 Innovative Workflow Hacks for Veterinary Centers

5 Innovative Workflow Hacks for Veterinary Centers

We work with some of the top veterinary centers worldwide, and as an Instinct trainer, I get to be on the front lines.

One of the best parts of working closely with so many innovative veterinary centers is seeing the brilliant ideas teams come up with to streamline their workflows.

My team and I are continually impressed by all the smart hacks savvy Instinct hospital teams have thought of to make their lives better.

We’re frequently asked to share what we've found, and where better than on Pick the Brain? Here are our most recent top 5.

1. Clothing Rack Dividers for Muzzles

Recently a large specialty/ER center went live with Instinct EMR. We were sharing a few photos internally with our team about all the success they were having, and we caught something extraordinary!

This hospital keeps muzzles on a department store shopping rack and divides them by sizes using round rack size dividers.

It’s an inexpensive and slick way to keep muzzles air drying, easily accessible, and organized.

2. E-Collar Organization

Picture this. Your patient loves chewing on his IV catheter, so you go to the stock room for an e-collar, grab his size, and the next thing you know, you’ve pulled 5 e-collars from the shelf, and none of them is even the right size.

We’ve all been there at some point. 😅

We’ve seen a few hacks at our hospitals for organizing those pesky e-collars. Try using command hooks on the wall or an over-the-door coat rack to keep e-collars neat and easily accessible.

3. IV Catheter Supplies

Whether you work in a GP, specialty, or emergency hospital, easily accessible intravenous catheter supplies are a must. A rolling craft cart is a perfect solution for organizing your supplies.

Carts like this one are easy to find at craft stores like Michaels or from Target or Amazon. 

4. Triage Tag Cheat Sheets

Instinct’s triage tags are a terrific way to keep track of your patient’s triage levels. Create a cheat sheet for your team to track what those triage tags mean by using a program like Canva. You can print these cheat sheets out to hang on your TV screens or leave them at each workstation as a reference guide.

5. Endotracheal Tube Storage

ET tubes come in many sizes, and keeping them organized in storage is challenging.

Check out this awesome hack for keeping your ET tubes easy to see and grab on the go! We love that each size tube has its own labeled box.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creative ideas for organizing your hospital. Try out these ideas to make each appointment just a little bit more streamlined. You might be surprised by how quickly all that saved time stacks up!

For the ultimate workflow support, make Instinct EMR part of your practice. Request a demo today, and see if Instinct EMR is right for you.