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5 Helpful Blogs and Newsletters Every Veterinarian Should Know

5 Helpful Blogs and Newsletters Every Veterinarian Should Know

We're all bizarrely busy still, and keeping up is tough. Between juggling ER shifts and running a software company, I'm admittedly hard-pressed to stay in-the-know.

Recently, an up and coming veterinary innovator asked me what resources I currently follow, so I decided to share them here.

1️⃣ Seth Godin’s Daily Blog

Seth Godin is a business and marketing guru and bestselling author (see Purple Cow, among many others you may have missed).

He publishes a daily blog filled with brief and thought-provoking advice for anyone who is in a leadership role or who generally cares about their work product.

👉 Here’s one of my favorite posts from this year: On Predicting the Future

2️⃣ Dr. Scott Weese’s Worms and Germs Blog

If you didn’t start following Scott’s informative infectious disease blog during the pandemic, you’re in for a treat. He’s become the go-to expert on clear and transparent advice for veterinarians in our brave new world.

If you’re constantly wondering what to think and communicate about COVID-19 in pets, what the latest emerging disease threats are, or how to keep up with ever-growing literature, look no further.

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3️⃣ VIN News Service

VIN is obviously popular with veterinarians and has been for years.

But what you might not know is that VIN also has a high-quality, veterinary-industry–focused newsgathering service. This advertiser-free outlet offers unbiased reporting on issues of importance and interest to the veterinary community. I’ve been a fan for years, and I think everyone should get this newsletter in their inbox.

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4️⃣ Dr. Beth Davidow’s The Veterinary Idealist Blog

Dr. Davidow is a critical care specialist with expertise in medical quality and hospital ownership.

The Veterinary Idealist sparks conversations in the veterinary profession around “community, ownership, quality, sustainability, and women.” If you’re looking for a place to start, I highly recommend this gem on 10 recommendations for preparing your hospital for the coming winter.

👉 Discover Beth's Blog

5️⃣ Brakke Newsletter

Every week, the Brakke Consulting team consolidates animal health industry news into a digestible newsletter. It’s financial-focused but worthwhile for everyone to follow to get a sense of all things commerce in the veterinary world.

👉 Explore the Archives

Admittedly I follow many others, but in the spirit of efficiency, these would be the top 5 I would start with—in addition to Pick the Brain, of course. 🧠